Give me my rocks

These verses mean a lot to me.

It’s a dumb move really. David is about to fight a battle he’s already outmatched for. And he opts for his Junior Varsity equipment instead of the king’s best. He prefers his BB gun to the heavy artillery.

“Give me my sling and my rocks. I’ve tested those. I’ve killed bears and lions with those. And I’ll kill this joker too. You heard me, take this armor off of me, and give me my rocks and my sling. What are you laughing at? You won’t be laughing in a minute… just shut up and give me my rocks… “

David must have looked undignified, outdated, and beyond silly.
But he stayed true to his skills and anointing. He played to his strengths, and would not compromise who God had made him to be.

Sometimes the way we do church at Elevation feels unconventional and yes, even ridiculous to me. It often seems downright over the top to set the kinds of goals we set.
But we choose to embrace the destiny God has called us to, even if it seems preposterous to some.
Just give us our rocks.

My preaching? I preach too long, scream too loud, sweat too much, and say bad words like sucks almost every week.
I’ve tried to adhere to other models of preaching. I’ve read all the books.
But Saul’s armor just doesn’t work for me.
Just give me my rocks.
Just let me preach the gospel the way God called me to preach it. Kind of old fashioned and kind of raw.
And God will set my unique personality on fire for the glory of His name, and use my foolish preaching to bring down giants and break strongholds. Because He’s God.

And our worship services? Hillsong United followed by Sugar Pie Honeybunch? A series that looks like the 1960s titled after an R&B tune from 2006?
They don’t teach you that in seminary. Or anywhere really.
But we’re trying to unleash the creativity that God has invested in us, no matter how ridiculous it may look to others.
Just give us our rocks. And our sling. We’re ready to fight.

Today God brought well over 1500 people to Elevation to worship with us. (Another huge milestone, Elevators!)
The room was electric. The atmosphere was supercharged.
It was a wonderful and unique experience.
And we had a blast…slinging our rocks… for the glory of God.

Strip off Saul’s suit.
Be yourself. Stay in your zone. Do your thing. Let ‘em laugh.
Bring down giants.
Sling your rocks.