We’re Just Getting Started

It’s hard to know exactly what to say after this past weekend.

Without a doubt, it was one of the most phenomenal experiences of not just our church, but our entire lives. 1,426 people were baptized Saturday and Sunday in our first week of spontaneous baptisms during our Follow series.
We give all the glory to Jesus!

Elevation, this is why we started this church. This is why we put in all of the hours. This is why we lead the way in generosity. This is why we issue all of the invites. To see the sights we saw this past weekend (I’ve included some pictures at the end of the post). Grown men crying. Fists pumping in the air after being raised to a new life. Husbands and wives hugging and kissing after being baptized together.

To hear testimonies of life change like the ones found in the tweets below:

  • @ashortell: Just watched my mother in law get baptized!!! God is SO GOOD!!!
  • @KarmaZolanski: HALLELUJAH!!! My sister just got BAPTIZED @ElevationChurch! I’ve been praying 22 YEARS!
  • @hopester31: Just witnessed almost an entire football team get baptized. God’s incredible.
  • @kellyhubatka: Tons of people left the Uptown auditorium to go get baptized…whole rows, entire families.
  • @kristine_webb: Just saw a dad leading his children to be baptized. And he was sobbing.
  • @kdraddy: A mom and her 2 daughters just baptized together!!
  • @stephenwebb: Favorite moment tonight: Claudine stepping out of a wheelchair to be baptized with 2 daughters.
  • @TaylorKnock: Blessed to see my wife baptized, and to be a part of the amazing things God is doing at Elevation this wknd.

Those are just eight of the hundreds of stories you can read on Twitter if you search “#follow2011.”

There’s absolutely no stopping this advance of the Kingdom of God in our city. We’re realizing that what we read about in Acts 2 isn’t just an indication of what God did a long time ago but an expectation of what He still wants to do today.

And it’s not over yet. God’s just getting started. Please pray that hundreds more will take the plunge and be baptized this coming weekend. Remember, the right time to do the right thing is right now.

So if you’ve been baptized, bring everyone you can. If you haven’t yet, bring yourself. And we’ll continue to watch God turn this city upside-down together.