White Christmas, anyone?

Hey, I want to have a contest.

I know your motives are pure, and this won’t really change anything because you’re already inviting people to Elevation Sunday simply because they need Jesus and you love your church.


Indulge me…

On our communication card, there’s a space that says:

Who invited you to Elevation?

I want to see who’s got the gift this weekend…

Who can get the most friends and family members to show up and do Christmas Eve with us…

See, a lot of your family members and neighbors think Elevation is a new age cult.

I know. I hear it a lot myself.

People ask me things like: “What kind of church is Evolution?”
After I explain that I don’t know much about Evolution Church, seeing as how I’ve never heard of it, I tell them all about Elevation. And that we’re not nut jobs. We’re actually pretty normal people. And they don’t believe me, because it’s obvious I’m not normal.

But I wanna know: who’s gonna bring the biggest truckload?

“Pastor, isn’t this kind of weird, competing to see who brings the most people to church?”

Yes. It sure is. Let’s do it anyway. Something being weird has never stopped me before, now has it?

What will the grand prize be? Eternal fame and glory on this blog.

I’ll let you know the results next week!

2 more days til we ROCK CHARLOTTE!

Oh yeah, Holly loves her new pink iPod(I think she wanted a pink one cause she knew I’d never be caught dead taking it to the gym so I can’t steal it from her!) and her Bose dock. We’re exchanging gifts today, and I woke her up early with loud music downstairs in the kitchen. Awesome.

Elijah liked it too. He got down with his bad self this morning.

Rock on.