Sun Stand Still

Tomorrow we begin a new series based on this historic incident… when God hit pause on the cosmos to give His people an accelerated victory-and turn Joshua’s mistake into a miracle.

I feel a tangible, palpable, yet inexplicable certainty that God is doing that very same thing at Elevation right now. We’ve already seen God do more in 20 months than some “experts” project is possible in 20 years. And that trend will continue. God is going to continue to take us further than we ever thought we’d go, faster than we ever thought we’d get there, so that He can receive the glory.
We are praying for 10,000 (people in attendance) by 2010.
An accelerated victory. A God sized timeline.

Tomorrow, God is going to stop time again…
And the clock will stand still so that many, many people can receive the gift of salvation.