Gratitude Project

A few years ago I challenged our people to express gratitude to someone who had made a worthy investment in their lives.
In honor of Thanksgiving week, I’m issuing the challenge again this year.

1. Pick someone in your life (the first person who comes to mind is probably the correct choice) who has blessed you-whether they know it or not.

2. Send a letter, email, or post a blog telling them thanks.

3. Be specific in what you thank them for. Specificity is more meaningful than profundity. You don’t have to write outstanding prose. But if you chronicle in detail some ways they’ve blessed your life, they’ll savor every word.

4. If possible, do it before the sun goes down tonight.

Gratitude is one of my core values. It goes hand in hand with generosity.
Your words of gratitude may turn someone’s entire week-month-year around.
You’d be surprised.

There’s got to be more to Thanksgiving than putting on 3 ½ pounds.
Go be grateful today.

This entry was originally posted on November 24, 2008.