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One of the core values of Elevation Church is that we lead the way in generosity.

Obviously we mean this in the sense of giving to the local church. But from the early days of our history we also decided to lead the way in generosity by being an open resource to anyone looking to grow in their faith or grow their church.

Over time our resources have evolved and grown and so I thought I’d take a day to just remind you of all the free content that’s available to you. Whether you’re a pastor, a business person, or a stay at home mom, I think you’ll find there’s something here for everyone.

The Elevation Church App
We just released the first official Elevation Church app this past weekend and our creative team knocked it out of the park. You’ll be able to view or listen to sermons going all the way back to the first series in Elevation’s history. Keep up with my blog. And you’ll even be able to share content with your friends and family. All from your phone.

It’s available on both iPhone and Android phones, so whatever platform you prefer, go to your app store and download it today.

To add alongside our audio podcast, a couple of weeks ago we launched our brand new video podcast with over 200 sermons available for download. Besides the Elevation Church App, it’s the only place where you can view our previous sermon series. We’ll also be updating this weekly so you can keep up with our current series.

Elevation Resources
Our creative team tirelessly works to put out some of the best content you’re going to find anywhere. It takes roughly 200-300 hours and thousands of dollars to design and develop all of the creative elements that go into a sermon series (Videos. Graphics. Support elements. Print pieces.).

And we want to give them all to your church. For free.

Use them however you want. Rehash some of our old series. Take elements and use them in your own. Whatever best sets your church up for success.

Besides my blog here which you can subscribe to via email or an online reader, we also have the Elevation Worship blog where you can keep up with what our worship team is working on and get some practical tips for leading worship at your own church. And if you’re a church planter, we have the old Access Elevation Archive where we chronicled our insights and hard-learned lessons from the early days of our church’s history.

We hope these resources build and strengthen the worldwide Kingdom and help you reach your maximum God-given potential.

So subscribe. Download. Read. Consume. Grow. And enjoy.

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