Spontaneous Baptism Resources

Just one month ago, we saw 2,158 people get baptized through our spontaneous baptism series, Follow. It was one of the most deeply meaningful events I’ve ever experienced. I got to watch 30 minutes of highlights of the whole experience this past weekend and I had chills the whole time.

I’d like to challenge and encourage all of the pastors and church leaders who read this blog to consider leading your church through spontaneous baptisms. Obviously we certainly don’t believe that the format is right for everyone. But I truly believe that if it fits your church’s culture, the impact it could have would be incalculable. We’re still receiving stories of life change, and I’d love to see the same thing happen in your church.

I am so inspired by what God did in our church through the process of the Follow series, and so proud of the processes that our staff and volunteers have put together that I’d like to offer all of our baptism resources to you for free on the Sun Stand Still website.

You’ll have access to everything from the sermon I preached during the opening weekend along with a transcript of it, to the logistics of how we baptized over 2000 people in 2 weeks at 4 locations…really, everything you need from a practical standpoint to set the stage and pull this off.

You’ll be surprised how comprehensively our staff has broken it down. If we can help save you the hundreds of hours that this type of detailed planning involves, we’re glad to do it.

All of this is free of charge.

I pray that hundreds of you will take the plunge and do this. It has created more momentum and fervor in our church than you can possibly imagine. And I believe it will do the same for yours.

Visit the baptism resource page on sunstandstill.org.

Resource of the Day: If you’d like to get an idea of what kind of impact spontaneous baptisms can have, check out this powerful video our team put together.