Favor Isn’t Fair

Many of us don’t have a great understanding of what it means to have the favor of God. And often our first mistake comes in how we define ‘favor.’ And that’s because it’s not easily defined. There is no explanation as to why God, in all His mystery and glory, chooses to show His favor in the way that He does. God’s favor cannot be attributed to anything we’ve done or are going to do. God’s favor isn’t Chuck E. Cheese. We didn’t earn enough tickets to cash in for the big prize. No, God’s favor isn’t fair. And as Pastor Steven explains in this clip from our series Found Favor, the last thing we should want is for God to be fair.

What does the favor of God look like? Is it having good luck? Being blessed with wealth and influence? And how do we get favor? Can we lose it? Watch the entire Found Favor series.

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