The Importance of Unreasonable Obedience

As the new year begins, many of us are praying and asking God to move in big ways in our lives. We want to see Him take over our homes, our schools, and our cities. We want the Gospel of Jesus to fill the hearts of our friends and families. But how important is it to us? What are we willing to do to see God move? In this clip from the Code Orange Revival, Pastor Steven explains the important role our obedience plays in the activity of God.

We kicked off 2012 with the 12-night Code Orange Revival, celebrating God’s faithfulness and praying for Him to move greatly on our behalf in the coming year. We heard from some of the world’s greatest preachers and communicators like Pastor Craig Groeschel, Pastor James Macdonald, and Bishop TD Jakes. Subscribe to the Elevation Church Podcast to download all 12 nights for free.