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It’s easy to keep moving forward when you see God working in your life. But what about those scary, uncertain times when you can’t see God working? He wants you to move, but you are asking Him to show you that He’s working and it’s worth it. Those are tough moments because a lot of times you want to quit. But when you want to quit the most, you are often a few steps away from your breakthrough. Don’t Stop is more than just a practical teaching, it’s a call to action, a charge for when you feel like stopping. This DVD series has 4 sermons that are going to challenge you to keep walking, to keep striking the ground so that you will see the victory come to pass.


If you want to dive further into this teaching, request the Don’t Stop bundle for your gift of $120 or more. You will receive:
  • Don’t Stop 2-Disc Set
  • Sun Stand Still Book
  • Greater Book
  • There Is A Cloud CD
  • I Can Handle It Booklet
  • I Can Handle It CD Single