Elevation Worship: Here As In Heaven (CD)


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Here As In Heaven Worship Album – CD: The atmosphere changes when we encounter God. He has made His presence available to us, His church, and in every moment and every situation; God is working on earth here as in heaven. These songs inspire with a fresh wave of expectation and purpose. You’ll be moved to let your life be the evidence of His presence on earth as you listen and praise Him!


Track Listing:

  1. Here as in Heaven
  2. Grace Like a Wave
  3. Call Upon the Lord
  4. O Come to the Altar
  5. Resurrecting
  6. Evidence
  7. Shine a Light
  8. Yahweh
  9. I Can’t Believe
  10. First and Only
  11. Praise Goes On
  12. Hold on to Me
  13. For a Moment