Level Up: 5 Keys To Release Your Hidden Potential DVD and Level Up Notepad

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You start a new year, you set goals, you have high expectations for how this year is going to go – but somewhere a long the way, you mess up. Now, you’re off track and frustrated with yourself. It can be difficult to grow and improve when you feel like you constantly fall short. But what if you had a guide that helped you go to the next level? In our series, Level Up: 5 Keys To Release Your Hidden Potential, Pastor Steven Furtick will show you 5 keys to release your hidden potential and fulfill the calling God has for your life. These teachings will activate your faith and help you make the most of every opportunity. You will also receive an exclusive notepad to help you build healthy routines that will move you forward in your walk with God.

Level Up: 5 Keys To Release Your Hidden Potential DVD and Level Up Notepad
  • Shutting The Door On Distraction
  • Put Your Passion In Its Place
  • Pressure Points
  • #HarvestProblems
  • I Know, But I’m Not Nervous