There’s More To Your Story Bundle


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You can look at your life and only see one scene, but you’ll miss out on the bigger story God has written for you. If you shift your focus to God’s purpose in your life, it changes everything. It’s a matter of setting aside your own feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety and seeing your life through the purpose of God. There’s More To Your Story includes 5 messages that will give you practical ways to change your perspective. If you really utilize and lean into these teachings, they can change the way you view your life. This is an opportunity for you to seize what God has for you – His purpose, His plan – and overcome the enemy’s attempts to bring you down.


If you want to dive further into this teaching, request the There’s More To Your Story bundle for your gift of $100 or more. You will receive:


Included in this bundle:
  • There’s More To Your Story DVD
  • Trusting God In Transition DVD
  • 3 Habits of a Healthy Heart DVD Single
  • There Is A Cloud CD
  • I Can Handle It Booklet