Elevation Worship: Wake Up The Wonder (CD)


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Wake Up The Wonder Worship Album – CD: The album from Elevation Worship. Recorded live at the Time Warner Cable Arena, this album was inspired by a call to action for the Church at large. Through intricate writing and passionate delivery, each song encourages listeners to rediscover the wonder and “Wow Moments” of God in the midst of their everyday lives. With high energy anthems centered around freedom and celebration, and powerful moments of reflection in the midst of difficulty, “Wake Up The Wonder” is a soundtrack for believers everywhere to celebrate a risen, living, active God.


Track Listing:

  1. Already Won
  2. Unstoppable God
  3. Jesus I Come
  4. Ever Glorious
  5. Jesus Forever
  6. Your Promises
  7. The King Is Among Us
  8. The First Light
  9. Great Things (Worth It All)
  10. Standing
  11. Let Us Adore
  12. I Love You Lord
  13. The Road
  14. For the Lamb
  15. Fortress
  16. Look How He Lifted Me
    Video – The King Is Among Us (Live)
    Video – The Burning Bush
    Video – The Road
    Video – The First Light
    Video – Wake Our Wonder (Sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick)